Archive of documents related to the management of the UNESCO World Heritage site “The Historic Centre of Florence”.


Brochure about Florence: World Heritage Site, April 2014 (in Italian)

Core Zone of Historic Centre of Florence Official Cartography - scale 1:15.000 MiBACT 2010

Buffer Zone of the Historic Centre of Florence, the official map - scale 1:50.000 July 2015

Dossier for the Nomination of the Historic Centre of Florence, 1982

Outstanding Universal Value of Florence, 2014 (in Italian)

Retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value, 2014

Periodic Report of the Historic Centre of Florence, the Second Cycle 2012-2015

Report of the State of Conservation for UNESCO site n. 174 "Historic Centre of Florence" 28/01/2015

Guidelines for the Urban Image of the Historic Centre of Florence 2014 (in Italian)

Approval Act for the New Management Plan 22/12/2009 (in Italian)

Catalogue from the Exhibition "Belvedere Firenze" curated by Carlo Francini and Carolina Capitanio 2009

Brochure Lectio Magistralis for the 26th Anniversary of Inscription the Historic Centre of Florence in the World Heritage List

Programme of the Days of Florence - UNESCO World Heritage Site, December 17-20 2009 (in Italian)

Memorandum of Understanding between the Region of Tuscany and the City of Florence 23/07/2007 (in Italian)

Interview with Antonio Paolucci "Firenze la città dei musei" 2009 (in Italian)

Programme for the Conference for the 40th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention September 19-21 2012

Città Ri-visitate: Presentation of the Tourism Management in the Historic Centre of Florence

Urban Image - Heritage_CITYlab (in Italian)

Florence: from the Centre to the Hills Quaderni - Heritage_CITYlab

The Decalogue and the Map "Florence the Right Way"

Medieval Florence

Urban Codec (in Italian)

Asse Ovest-Est project

Consultation Marathon 2015 Florence: World Heritage (in Italian)

Buffer Zone Quaderni - Heritage_CITYlab

Management Plan 2006-2008 (in English)

Management Plan 2006-2008 (in Italian)

Management Plan 2016 (in Italian)

Management Plan 2016 (in English)

UNESCO/ICOMOS Advisory Mission Report 22-25 May 2017

Monitoraggio 2018 - Piano di Gestione

2018 Monitoring of the Management Plan

2019 ICOMOS Technical Review of the 2018 Monitoring of the Management Plan

Appunti per una riapertura dei Musei e dei Monumenti post emergenza COVID-19

Studio Tematico sulle Sife Comuni - progetto AtlaS.WH

Thematic Study on Common Challenges - AtlaS.WH project

(Italiano) Progetto HECO

(Italiano) Laboratorio HeRe Lab