Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA)


The HeRe_Lab – Heritage Reserch, the joint laboratory between the UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence and the University of Florence, has promoted the development of an ad hoc model of Heritage Impat Assessment (HIA) for the Historic Centre of Florence, World Heritage site. The experimentation, in accordance with the indications in the Guidance of ICOMOS International (2011), aims to evaluate – in a systematic and coherent way – the positive / negative impact of one or more transformation projects that might influence the values, attributes , the authenticity and the integrity of World Heritage properties. The assessment is functional to the indications of the planned management methods and the possible mitigative measures.
The lab, together with the experts of the UNESCO Office of the Municipality, facilitate the dialogue between competent figures that have specific analytical skills to assess each particular site or transformation project.

The contribution “Notes for a Heritage Impact Assessment Model “, published by HeRe_Lab in September 2019, aims to introduce into the Italian scenario the procedures, contents and applications of the Heritage Impact Assessment methodology for the sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The project is part of the projects financed in 2018 by the Law 77/2006 of the MiBACT  “Special measures for the protection and use of  Italian sites and elements of cultural, landscape and environmental interest, included in the” World Heritage List “, placed under the protection of UNESCO ”.

Schema HIA