Florence World Heritage and Relations with UNESCO Office 

The Historic Centre of Florence, with its first boundaries enclosed within the system of avenues along the ancient medieval walls, was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1982, during the 6th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee held in Paris, France.

The commitment to preserve, promote and enhance the city’s heritage led to the creation, in February 2005, of the UNESCO Office of the City of Florence, which since January 2020 has been called the Florence World Heritage and Relations with UNESCO Office. The Office was created to respond to a primary need: the drafting of the World Heritage Site’s Management Plan. In addition, the Office is responsible for complying with the provisions of the UNESCO Convention of 1972 and the Operational Guidelines and for acting as an intermediary between the World Heritage Centre in Paris and the Municipality of Florence. 

The Office carries out the following activities:
  • Drafting of the Management Plan to promote the conservation, enhancement and sustainable management of the Historic Centre of Florence;  
  • Periodic monitoring of the Management Plan and of the strategic projects included in the Action Plan;  
  • Identification of projects and initiatives to be included in the Management Plan;  
  • Compilation of the Periodic Reporting on the evaluation of the maintenance of the Outstanding Universal Value of the site over time, to be delivered to the National Focal Point of the UNESCO Office within the Ministry of Culture;  
  • Periodic drafting of reports on the State of Conservation of the Historic Centre and on the updates of the Management Plan and Action Plan;
  • Activation and coordination of synergies between competent subjects, public and private stakeholders and communities operating in the Historic Centre of Florence;  
  • Organisation of cultural initiatives and celebration of centenaries linked to the historical identity of the city of Florence;  
  • Promotion, implementation and coordination of studies and research on the history and conservation of the city, the territory and its monumental heritage, as well as on topics and approaches related to the UNESCO World Heritage system;  
  • Implementation and monitoring of projects funded by the Law of 20 February 2006, no. 77 “Special measures for the protection and enjoyment of Italian sites of cultural, landscape and environmental interest included in the “World Heritage List”, under the protection of UNESCO”;  
  • Consolidation of transnational cooperation through ad hoc European projects and strengthening of the collaboration between UNESCO World Heritage properties and the twinned cities of Florence;  
  • Collaboration in national initiatives aimed at strengthening the management skills of public bodies and associations in the management of properties inscribed on the World Heritage List.   

Since 2005, the Head of the “Florence World Heritage and Relations with UNESCO” Office of the Municipality of Florence and site manager of the UNESCO World Heritage site “The Historic Centre of Florence” is Mr. Carlo Francini.

Since 2015, the work carried out by the Office is supported by HeRe_Lab – Heritage Research, a joint laboratory established for the development of projects and the updating of technical documents related to the management of the World Heritage site.