Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the World Heritage site ‘Historic Centre of Florence’ was established through a Memorandum of Understanding on 23 July 2007.

The main task of the Steering Committee is to follow the update and implementation of the Management Plan of the site. The Committee is convened to discuss matters concerning the World Heritage Site, and recognises the Municipality of Florence as the focal point of the site, in charge of coordinating all the responsible subjects, carrying out secretarial activities and monitoring the Management Plan. The members of the Committee meet approximately two or three times a year.

The Steering Committee is currently composed of:

  • Municipality of Florence
  • Tuscan Regional Authorities
  • Ministry of Culture (MIC), represented by the Regional Secretariat of Tuscany.

In addition to the above mentioned members, the institutions which usually participate in the Steering Committee are:

  • Service II – UNESCO Office, Ministry of Culture (MiC)
  • Superintendence for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of the Metropolitan City of Florence and the Provinces of Pistoia and Prato (MiC)
  • Regional Directorate of Museums of Tuscany (MiC)
  • Metropolitan City of Florence
  • Autonomous State Museums of Florence (Uffizi Gallery, Accademia Gallery, Bargello Museums)


A proposal to reorganise the Steering Committee was included in the Action Plan of the 2022 Management Plan as a strategic project, with the aim of satisfying the new needs of managing the site by extending its range of action to other communities and realities of the territory.

Over time, direct relations have been consolidated with other bodies and institutions in the area. As a matter of fact, for the development of projects and the update of technical documents related to the management of the World Heritage Site, the Florence World Heritage and Relations with UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence relies on the support of:

HeRe_Lab – Heritage Research: joint research laboratory between the University of Florence and the Municipality of Florence. It is the scientific branch of the Office and deals mainly with the development of initiatives and the updating of technical documents;

MUS.E: in-house association of the Municipality of Florence that takes care of training and educational activities concerning the cultural heritage of the municipal administration. The Association operationally supports the Office in the enhancement and dissemination of activities related to World Heritage themes and values.