The Monitoring of the Management Plan

In order to guarantee the effective implementation of the strategic actions for the World Heritage Site and thus of the Management Plan, it is essential to establish a monitoring system. The Monitoring system measures the progress and results of the Management Plan by analysing the state of implementation of the projects contained in the Action Plan. The objective of monitoring is to provide information on what is happening at the World Heritage Site and how much of the planned programme has been achieved in relation to the protection of the Outstanding Universal Value of the site and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The Action Plan is monitored in two ways through the analysis of:

  • Monitoring indicators of the individual projects in the Action Plan, to assess the implementation and effectiveness of these initiatives in maintaining the OUV.
  • Evaluation parameters in each Macro Area, to estimate in a more general way how projects have contributed to the Macro Areas and whether they have been in line with the priorities of intervention of the Management Plan and the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, the Monitoring will make use of a constant data collection and exchange of information on the feasibility and measurability of the projects and an engagement process with stakeholders and citizens.

The first Monitoring of the Management Plan for the Historic Centre of Florence was published in 2018, two years after the second update of the Management Plan of the World Heritage property. The Monitoring, which provided a detailed picture of the progress of the projects contained in the Action Plan, had its completion in 2022 with the third update of the Management Plan, which draws the final conclusions on many of the projects monitored in the management cycle.

The Monitoring has been positively evaluated by the ICOMOS Technical Review (2019) and is considered good practice at international level, so much so that it has been reported within the World Heritage Canopy, a platform of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre that provides an overview of concrete solutions in the field of World Heritage that integrate sustainable development and site protection and management.


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Monitoring of the Management Plan, Florence 2018


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II cycle Periodic Reporting (2012-2015)


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ICOMOS_Technical Review