Art Recovery. Protecting Culture


In the context of G7 Culture Summit in Florence the meeting “Art Recovery. Protecting Culture” will be held in Hall of Arms, Palazzo Vecchio, on March 27 at 17.00. The event is organized by the Municipality of Florence, the Civic Museums of Florenc, the UNESCO Office of the Minicipality and MUS.E association.

In recent years the cultural heritage has suffered heavy attacks by both men and nature, like the recent earthquakes in central Italy, which seriously damaged some extraordinary artistic treasures, and the violent destruction of many cultural symbols by extremists. They are events that cause confusion, fear, anger, dread, but they can also be the starting point to strengthen a common cultural identity which must be protected, preserved and safeguarded. In this identity humanity finds its history and the reason to exist. This event offers the opportunity to reflect on the theme of World Heritage, as well as to deepen the main aspects related to its risks, trafficking and dangers, and to the protection of the artistic and cultural heritage.

The initiative is therefore addressed to the citizens in order to bring the attention of the wide public to the main themes of the G7 Culture meeting, planned for the following few days (30-31 April 2017).

In the afternoon, with the presence of Vice-Mayor Cristina Giachi, there will be the presentation of some emblematic cases as well as moment of discussion. The personalities who will participate to the debate:

ALEXY KARENOWSKA, director of the Institute of Technological Digital Archaeology of the Oxford University, who led, with TorArt, the rebuilding of Palmyra’s Arch (which will be exposed at Piazza Signoria on the 27th of April, in the morning); STEFANO VALENTINI, archaeologist and co-director of the Centre for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies (CAMNES), who will have a speech about militant archaeology in Iraq and Syria; ALESIA KOUSH, art-historian and scholar regarding the illicit traffick of art works, archaeological heritage and the protection of international heritage; PAOLO CANUTI, geologist and holder of the UNESCO Chair of the University of Florence on Prevention and sustainable management of hydro-geological risk for heritage conservation; CARLO FRANCINI, head of the UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence and site manager of the Historic Centre of Florence as World Heritage site, responsible for the project “Firenze perBene”.

Free entrance.