Project Development: LineaComune s.p.a. (http://www.lineacomune.it/)

Description: The Digital Archive and VIrtual Documentation DAVID provides for the creation of a permanent workshop, a place of research, and a digitized collection of data on the UNESCO site. The main objective of this phase of the project, which started several years ago for a similar purpose, is the creation and the management of a digital archive of photos, movies and documents about the Historic Centre of Florence.

Objectives: The final phase of this project has the aim to develop a website that presents the “image of Florence”, whether historical or contemporary. The website must be a combination of both communication and in-depth analysis.

This last requirement will be carried out by the Archive. The project foresees that in addition to the creation of the website, the digitisation of photographic prints will enrich the Archive and strengthen the capabilities of the Archives of the UNESCO Office in Florence-based platform XLphoto®.

Work in Progress:

The work was completed and presented at the exhibition Art & Tourism that took place in Florence. The site is pending approval from the Superintendent of the Polo Museale Fiorentino.

Competences: Below are the main results obtained:
Site design and website
Technical implementation of the site through a reusable format for future editorial content;
Designing the site in several languages with translations also in English;
Providing the operative and graphic support of artbook products in relation to different routes now included in different sections of the website;
Creating a feature to download an audio guide;
Creating the graphic formats in the gallery in which the images are in high definition;
Understanding and classifying the information available in the photographic archive either present or not in the UNESCO Office, as a way to define the priorities and to popularize the already existing heritage;
Supporting the geo-referencing of images and their preparation in order to facilitate the creation of a unique database of the information about the heritage.

Duration: March 2011- November 2012
Project Managers and Work Teams: Managers: Carlo Francini (Municipality of Florence, UNESCO Office), Roberto Dinelli (lineaComune s.p.a.); Work team: Antonella Chiti, Valentina Ippolito (Municipality of Florence, UNESCO Office), Marco Cappellingi (Centrica), Alessia Rosse, Mariagrazia Gangale (Lineacomune s.p.a.)

Credits Portfolio di Mauro Sani – www.maurosani.it