Firenze PerBene



Project development: UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence , Angeli Del Bello Foundation, Centre for UNESCO of Florence (NGO), the UNESCO Trans-disciplinary Chair of Human Development and Culture of Peace at the University of Florence, Romualdo del Bianco Foundation – Life Beyond Tourism, Syracuse University in Florence, Associazione Partners Palazzo Strozzi.


The objective of the project is to raise awareness and spread good behavioral practices among residents, tourists and city users for their enjoyment of the monuments, churches and streets of the Historic Centre of Florence, a UNESCO World Heritage site. One manifestation of this project is the volunteer-run distribution of questionnaires, maps of public services in Florence and a Decalogue that explains how to best enjoy the city by taking advantage of the available services while respecting historic sites and cultural values.


The mission of this project, achieved through the use of the Decalogue, the map and the questionnaire, are to:

  • Overcome the prohibitive language of other publications;
  • Raise awareness of what it means to be in a place of exceptional beauty and importance like a World Heritage site;
  • Spread to all visitors (Florentines, Italians and foreign tourists alike) a sense of civic pride and active participation in the enjoyment and protection of a place of inestimable value—of heritage of and for all— to whose conservation and valorisation everyone should contribute.

2016 Activity (developed by the UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence with the UNESCO Centre of Florence Onlus):

  • Experiential learning activities with students from the Marco Polo Institute and Machiavelli Capponi: 190 students, after having been informed of the work of UNESCO and the Firenze per Bene project, reached out to citizens and visitors, offering their suggestions on how to be more aware of and live more sustainably in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the historic city centre of Florence. During this activity, students distributed the manual, map and the project’s product (a pocket ashtray) and were supported by the UNESCO centre of Florence ONLUS, the UNESCO Communal office of Florence and the American students from the Syracuse University of Florence, who have collaborated on the project since 2014. The activity and lessons were supervised by Chiara Bocchio and Chiara Balestri.
  • Internship project on Firenze perBene for the students of Syracuse University of Florence: development of video content and of articles for the Firenze perBene blog.

2017 Activity (developed by the UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence with the UNESCO Centre of Florence Onlus)

  • Experiential learning activities with students from the Marco Polo Institute and Machiavelli Capponi: in 2017 the project Firenze perBene proposes that the students understand the value of those who contribute daily to the safeguarding of the historic centre of Florence and its heritage, rendering the city a more pleasing and sustainable place. The students will therefore conduct interviews, on the basis of which they will develop visual and textual materials (in Italian and a second language). The product developed by the students will then be published on the Firenze perBene Facebook page and Instagram account. Activity and lessons supervised by Chiara Bocchio and Laura Plumina.
  • Internship Project on Firenze perBene for students from Syracuse University of Florence: development of video and post content for the Facebook page.

Project managers and working group:

UNESCO Office of the Muncipality of Florence: Carlo Francini and Chiara Bocchio

Angeli del Bello Foundation: Paola and Alessandra Sighinolfi Zecchi

Centre for UNESCO of Florence NGO: Vittorio Gasparrini

The UNESCO Trans-disciplinary Chair of Human Development and Culture of Peace at the University of Florence:  Giovanna Del Gobbo and Glenda Galeotti

Romualdo del Bianco Foundation  – Life Beyond Tourism: Caterina and Carlotta Del Bianco.







1. Firenze non è stata costruita in un giorno – Florence wasn’t built in a day… – Florence ne s’est pas construite en un jour… – Florencia no se hizo en un día…

Give it the time it deserves. Stop to appreciate the unique beauty of the Historic Centre.

2. I rifiuti si accumulano – Litter builds up – Une montagne de déchets – Los desechos se acumulan

Respect the environment around you: don’t throw trash on the ground, there is always a trash can waiting for you to use it!

3. Dovunque ti trovi Firenze ti viene incontro – Wherever you are, Firenze meets your needs – Florence vient à ta rencontre – Florencia te encuentra

The city offers many spaces and services. Gardens and squares are fantastic places to eat: avoid drinking and eating on the stairs of churches and palaces! Remember to use public bathrooms and water fountains in a conscious way!
4. Non sprecare l’acqua – Do not waste water – Ne gaspille pas l’eau – No malgastes el agua

Water is a precious resource that is essential for everyone. Avoid wasting water by filling your bottles with water from public fountains.

5. Monta in sella! – Take the wheel!  – En selle! –  ¡Pedalea!

Protect the city: rent bicycles or electric methods of transportation and choose eco-friendly transportation.

6. Anche il David ha bisogno di dormire – Even David needs some sleep – Même le David a besoin de dormir –  Incluso David necesita dormir

Enjoy the city while respecting it’s culture, inhabitants, and their habits. Remember to behave appropriately wherever you go.

7. Vivi la cultura locale – Live the Local Culture – Expérimente la culture local – Experimenta la cultura local.

The best way to enjoy your Florentine experience is by choosing products that are typical of the territory. This way you can fully appreciate the culture and traditions of Tuscany.

8. Condividi la città – Share the City – Partageons la ville – Comparte la ciudad

People with disabilities are integral parts of our community. Respect their needs: avoid blocking sidewalks, stopping points, and ramps that are reserved for them.

9. Perditi a Firenze – Get Lost in Florence – Perds toi dans les rues – Piérdete en Florencia

In every corner of Florence it is possible to admire artistic masterpieces and hidden passageways. Discover and take advantage of these lesser-known, yet still worthwhile spots!

10. Informati  Stay informed – Restez informés – Manténgase informados

The Historic Centre of Florence is full of surprises, so make the most of it by utilizing tourist information points: they will be a great help not only for understanding the history and monuments of Florence, but also for discovering good local habits!