Preliminary Document for the Management and Sustainability Plan (AtlaS.WH)


In the context of the European project AtlaS World Heritage, following the diagnosis carried out by Santiago de Compostela, the thematic study on good practices carried out by Here Lab – Heritage Research and the development of the Methodology carried out by Porto, the city of Florence moved towards the drafting of the new Management Plan of the Historic Centre of Florence, which was elaborated and then approved in December 2021.

Therefore, the Florence World Heritage and Relations with UNESCO Office and the University of Florence prepared a preliminary document for the new Management Plan, both in Italian and English.

The requirements of the Management and Sustainability Plan are as follows

  • validity of 5 years;
  • inclusion of a chart or infographic outlining the site’s governance system;
  • roles and responsibilities regarding the protection and conservation of properties at national, regional and local levels;
  • greater involvement of the Steering Committee in the Plan, especially in the selection of strategic projects to be included in the Action Plan;
  • regular meetings and annual contact with project leaders and actors included in the Action Plan for a constant update of project progress;
  • participation of citizens and stakeholders from public and private institutions and bodies from the very beginning of the structuring of the Plan through online surveys and webinars;
  • inclusion of the extension of the perimeter of the Core Zone, which includes San Miniato al Monte;
  • deepening of the historical section and insertion of maps representing the various phases of development of the Historic Centre of Florence;
  • inclusion of the attributes and physical elements that motivated the inclusion of the site and related map;
  • identification of a set of indicators, organised for each Macro Area, linked to the Monitoring of the Site’s State of Conservation;
  • Action Plan characterised by strategic projects and actions and drawn up considering the following aspects at an international and local level.

The publications of the preparatory documents of the AtlaS.WH project partners (Porto, Bordeaux, Santiago de Compostela and Edinburgh) can be downloaded at the following link: