Spreading the values of Florence


The project is a collaboration between the Department of Culture of the Municipality and the UNESCO Centre of Florence. At the present time it consists of two initiatives closely related to each other that have as main objectives: to engage citizens and especially young people in the development projects within the city centre, and to promote awareness of the exceptional value of the city, in its historical, art historical, landscape, traditional aspects etc..; offering to the community the opportunity to render more strongly the sense of belonging to the city, through deeper knowledge and direct participation in activities in the area.

The first initiative, titled “History of Fiction: Florence Heritage,” predicts the involvement of young students in Florentine high schools, universities, cultural institutions, also foreigners, in the drafting and creation of scripts for a short film and for a drama that will have as its background the city of Florence and its values universally recognized by UNESCO.
The first phase has already been completed with the production of a TV spot, directed by Alessio Della Valle and with original music by Lorenzo Piggici. It is set in the historic centre and involves the participation of the highest authorities of Florence and of artists that are already known to the public. It aims to promote the initiative to schools and sponsors, to raise curiosity and to reach a wider participation in the project.
The announcement includes the development of screenplays by young students and is titled “Write a fictional story that you would like to see realized on the big screen, which has Florence and its heritage as its setting.” The second initiative has a more specific goal and consists of a program of study and of research that is divided into a number of meetings that will feature the city of Florence, which will include the participation of people who are worldwide for their studies in various sectors.

The course is designed primarily for teachers with the hope to spread among the youth the awareness of Florence as an internationally renowned city, and to promote from within the Institutes of membership, first, the competition “Write a fictional story” and, secondly, the involvement of students.

Credits by Niccolò Bandini