Thematic Seminars “Florence World Heritage”


Cycle of meetings organised by the Here_Lab – Heritage Research in collaboration with Prof. Jane Thompson, ICCROM expert and lecturer at the Bocconi University of Milan, to illustrate and raise awareness among the students of the Heritage Management course (Msc in Economics and management in arts, culture, media and entertainment – ACME) of the processes, tools and methodologies of management of UNESCO World Heritage sites, focusing on the practices adopted in the specific case of the Historic Centre of Florence.

1st meeting – 30 October 2018
Theme: “Impact assessment methodology for managing continuity and change”.
Focus: Italian Experiences in Heritage Impact Assessment

II° meeting – 20 November 2019
Theme: “Managing data: an effective governance system for World Heritage”.
Focus: tools and strategies for cataloguing, filing and systematising data (e.g.: areas under transformation and disused areas, values and attributes, community audit and teritorial mapping initiatives)