Training course on culture and sustainability


The course, organised in collaboration with MUS.E, is a training opportunity that suggests a new vision of the educational sphere by interweaving Agenda 2030 goals, especially Goal 4 dedicated to quality education, inviting integration between school strategies and programmes and a global Education for Sustainable Development (ESS). Therefore, the planned experience puts in place a participatory teaching methodology aimed at the knowledge and management of the territory’s cultural heritage, the ability to perceive it and transmit it to future generations.

The course is part of the European project AtlaS.WH, which aims to raise students and teachers’ awareness of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of our city.

Calendar of 2020 meetings at MAD – Murate Art District

  • 14 January h17/19: Carlo Francini and Chiara Bocchio – World Heritage as an asset for all. Tuscany’s cultural heritage and museums connected to UNESCO
  • 21 January h17/19: Martina Alemanno (ASVIS) – The opportunities of culture. How to use heritage for a systemic, collaborative, active education
  • 28 January h17/19: Maria Chiara Pettenati and Isabel de Maurissens (INDIRE) – The implementation of Agenda 2030 and “sustainability” as an opportunity for education
  • 4 February h17/19: Giovanni Liberatore and Antonio Vanni – Education, ethics, responsibility, participation: actions and experimental projects on local heritage
  • 11 February h17/19: Alesia Koush – Value education. For people and the planet: heritage and culture for an inclusive and social education, for a united and plural citizenship, for a sustainable development